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Monique Matthias Phone Icon (340)775-6380 (ext:4804)
  Rhona Pinney-Simon Phone Icon (340)775-6380 (ext:4815)

Reminders to parents

 Please be sure your child:

·         Enrolls in a tutorial program if they are failing or having difficulty in a class

·         Develops good study habits

·         Studies at least two hours day

·         Studies in a quiet place

·         Seeks assistance from his/her counselor and/or teacher(s)

·         Attends classes regularly and on time

Student Course/Record Evaluation is ongoing. Students are required to see counselors and make an appointment.

Please free to contact the counselors at (340)775-6380 to discuss other methods in which we can help your child succeed.


9th Grade – Monique Matthias (ext:4804)

10th Grade – Rhona Pinney-Simon (ext:4815)

11th Grade – Annette Bertrand (ext:4814)

12th Grade – Scherilette Smith (ext:4805)

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