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Alma Mater
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Thursday, February 28, 2013
`Eudora Kean on the Move'
`Eudora Kean on the Move'
By: JoSandra Jones James


Eudora Kean on the move .... We Strive for success.

Eudora Kean on the move... To make us the best

We'll always love you... For you are our school.

Eudora Kean on the move


Verse I

You taught us history, psychology,

And how to know what's right from wrong.

You taught us how to read and really be free,

And how we sing a brand new song



Verse II

We love to cheer your name in every game,

For we are the champion school

And when we gather here throughout the year,

We try to follow every rule.



Verse III

And we graduate and pass through the gate,

We'll keep you in our minds and our hearts.

Although we will go far, we'll still be near,

You're too dear for us to ever depart.



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