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Online Databases


Learn360 uses the latest technologies to deliver highest quality k-12 content via the internet.It will surely educate and captivate students with high quality streaming media.


 An educational program that motivates and inspires children to learn in subjects like Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Health, Arts & Music and Technology.  Topics are aligned with state and national education standards

Atomic Learning

Provides web-based software to maintain and increase your technology skills.        Has more than 35,000 tutorial movies and more than 110 applications.

The most comprehensive information and the most-used reference resources available to students and researchers around the world.  Searching is customizable and designed to cater to various user needs and preferences.  Has more than 300 full text databases in different formats; magazines, newspapers, reference works & encyclopedias, biographies, radio & tv news transcripts, country & state reports, primary source documents, photos, maps & flags and includes film and video

Oxford African American Studies Center

A scholarly resource focusing on the lives and events which have shaped African American and a comprehensive collection of African history and culture.  It provides full-text of articles, images, primary sources, maps, charts and tables of information on everything and guide users through the features and functionality.  The AASC’s core content are:  Africana, Encyclopedia of African American History, 1619 to the present, Black Women in American and African American National Biography.

Online database containing news articles covering social, economic, environment, government, sports, health and science issues and events from more than 500 US regional and national newspapers and full text of over 145 leading magazines.

Grolier Online
A powerful tool in searching encyclopedia articles, magazines, websites and media simultaneously. It includes seven encyclopedia databases:  Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book of Knowledge, La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre, American the Beautiful, Lands and People and the New Book of Popular Science.

United Streaming
Offers digital resources to schools and homes with the goal of making educators more effective, increasing student achievement, and connecting classrooms and families to a world of learning


Martin Luther King Jr.
Nobel Prize - MLK
Biography of the Great Leader Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King
The truth about Martin Luther King: Includes historical trivia, articles, videos and pictures. A valuable resource for teachers and students alike.

Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute
A collection of primary and secondary documents pertaining to Martin Luther King, Jr., held at Stanford University.

Seattle Times-MLK
Article from the Seattle Times about the life and impact of Dr. King.

MLK Online
One Stop source  for MLK on the net.  The Best Martin Luther King Video, speeches, pictures, music and quotes on the Web.

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