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Students' work : Mrs. Richardson's  Honors VI History Class

 Team : Brilliant Bonitos

Samples of students' work as they introduced themselves in Virgin Islands History at the beginning of school year.



I Am Poem

by Mary Buendia


I am a student

I wonder how and what the future would be

I hear the encouragements of my parents

I see teachers teach and learners learn

I am a learner

I pretend that nothing's hard

I feel my tiredness at the end of the day

I touch and influence the lives of people around me

I worry about my results

I cry when I don't know what to do

I am an achiever

I understand my lessons and their importance

I say "I can do it!" everyday

I dream of graduating from college

I try to do it all at one time

I hope that i will reach my goals

I am a student



"I Am"

by Kasim Pemberton


I am a St. Thomian.

I wonder about my history.

I hear stories of my grandparents' childhood memories.

I see pride in the local faces around my school and community.

I pretend to be fearless.

I feel proud when I see the U.S. Virgin Islands flag

I touch the hearts of people around me.

I cry when I hear about the tragic deaths of today's youth.

I am proud of my history.

I understand the struggles of my fore-fathers.

I say what I feel.

I dream about a better future for myself and my peers.

I try to do what I know is right.

I hope that when I leave this earth, I leave behind a good legacy.

I am a St. Thomian.

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